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cube matt black spray paint -50%

Cube Matt Black Spray Paint 400ML


CUBE Aerosol Spray Paint Matt Black 400ML. High-quality and fast-drying paint Shake well the bottle 30 seconds before you use the paint Applicable on Car, Bike, Cycle Type: Rust Proof This spray paint can be used on many surfaces like metal, wood, vinyl, plastic, fiberglass, and more

waxpol car shampoo -20%

Waxpol Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo (300 ml) – Concentrate Detergents With 10x Quality


Super rich, thick and high sudsing super concentrated synthetic formula with no harsh detergents or abrasives. It has four times more power and offers superior cleaning compared to ordinary washes, ensuring that even the toughest dirt is cleaned easily. This super concentrate gently loosens, emulsifies and disperses dirt, tree sap, bird dropping, road grimes, tar and other contaminants. One bottle gives 40*4 litres=160 litres/washes.