waxpol car shampoo

Waxpol Heavy Duty Car Wash Shampoo (300 ml) – Concentrate Detergents With 10x Quality


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Super rich, thick and high sudsing super concentrated synthetic formula with no harsh detergents or abrasives. It has four times more power and offers superior cleaning compared to ordinary washes, ensuring that even the toughest dirt is cleaned easily. This super concentrate gently loosens, emulsifies and disperses dirt, tree sap, bird dropping, road grimes, tar and other contaminants. One bottle gives 40*4 litres=160 litres/washes.

Waxpol car shampoo washes, shines and protects in one easy step. The formulation is a rich, thick and super-concentrated combination of special detergents that provides a lasting shine, unlike traditional products that are weak on shine and protection. Waxpol car shampoo’s unique formula with four times more power offers superior cleaning while adding wax protection and shine in a single wash. The super-rich foam gently loosens, emulsifies and disperses dirt and grime.

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